Amsec WFS149E5LP Wall Safe With Electronic Keypad


Quick Overview

Outside: 19.50" H X 14.00" W X 15.38" D
Inside: 15.25" H X 9.75" W X 9.88" D
Interior Cubic Feet: 0.85
Weight: 104.00
Fire Rating: 1 Hour


AMSEC WFS149E5LP Fireproof Wall Safe

The AMSEC WFS149E5LP is designed to provide hidden protection for documents and miscellaneous valuables hidden in the wall behind a picture frame or mirror. The WFS149E5LP is a fireproof wall safe with a one-hour fire rating, ensuring the inside temperature never exceeded 350 degrees F. Since it has an extra deep interior, you can fit all the valuables that you want to remain hidden and protected from a fire. There is also one convenient drawer shelf for organization.

For extra security, the AMSEC WFS149E5LP has two live locking bolts and two deadbolts on the hinge side to prevent pry attacks. The door is made of 1/2" solid steel. The door is also recessed and is pry-resistant. This design is so that the lock and handle do not stick out and pictures can be hung over the safe to hide it. The battery compartment is located on the outside of the safe for convenient access to change it.

Each wall safe is also designed for easy installation between 16 o/c wall studs with pre-drilled anchor holes and a built-in flange eliminating unnecessary re-plastering.


  • UL Listed one-hour fire rating, ensuring the inside temperature never exceeded 350° F (paper chars at 450° F).
  • Extra deep interior, with one (1) convenient drawer shelf.
  • Each safe is equipped with side locking bolt work mechanism incorporating (2) 1/2″ steel deadbolts.
  • Impressive 1/2″ thick door with attractive black granite textured finish.
  • E5LP Electronic Lock
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

ESL5LP Digital Lock Features:

  • Easy operation.
  • Each key individually backlit.
  • Factory reset combination for resolving lost combinations without requiring expensive service calls.
  • Electronics are encapsulated within the lock and are sealed to prevent possible moisture-related failures.
  • Beep and flash from every keystroke give maximum feedback to the user.
  • Lock can be programmed to silence the beep in stealth mode.
  • 15-Minute penalty lockout after four incorrect entries protects against manipulation attempts.
  • Lock "auto-locks" when bolt work is thrown to prevent safes from being left open.
  • One 9-volt battery can be easily replaced in the keypad housing.
  • U.L. Type 1 listed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Amsec
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