Keri Systems Incorporated NXT-2D Keri Systems Access Control 2 Door NXT Controller with Keri Firmware


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NXT-2D Keri Systems Access Control
2 Door NXT Controller with Keri Firmware


NXT-2D Keri Systems Access Control

2 Door NXT Controller with Keri Firmware

The NXT-2D Controller is built for today’s IT environments. By using an existing TCP/IP network, controller cabling costs can be eliminated. Or, if building a new network, they can be reduced up to 50% over traditional hard-wired access systems by using inexpensive, CAT-5 cable. The NXT-2D is designed to be extremely intelligent with little reliance on network trace for decision making, allowing it to be thrifty with any network’s valuable bandwidth. With Ethernet functionality built directly into the controller, Keri’s proprietary MAC addressing scheme allows for reliable hardware discovery and true one-button auto duration. To expand the system’s exibility, up to two companions 4X4 Input/Output boards (NXT-4X4) can be added - one to each of the controller’s RS-485 trunks (buses). Customers can choose between Keri’s line of highly secure, 4-wire NXT Series Proximity Readers with reader supervision that also provide In/Out reading capability (4 Readers), or any reader with a standard Wiegand output or Keri’s MS Series Proximity Readers via the NXT-RM3 Reader Interface Module. To manage the system, Doors.NET software has much of the same look and feel as Keri’s acclaimed original DoorsTM software, but with the added functionality of a Client/Server architecture.

Kit Controller Only
# Reader Inputs 4
# Doors 2
System Type Stand Alone
Volts/Amps Inc/Requ

12VDC/1AMP Required

Embedded, sophisticated Ethernet-based access controllers hanging right on the network.


  • Managed by Doors.NET: SQL-based, Client/server Software, multiple concurrent sites, no third-party client license fees
  • Fully supervised with encrypted data between cards/readers
  • Utilizes existing CAT-5 cabling or existing networks.
  • Network Appliance architecture utilizing two or four-door panels.
  • Coupled with optional interface boards for I/O and industry-standard reader formats.
  • Thousands of doors per system; 50,000 cardholders per controller.
  • Flash programmable and reprogrammable


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Manufacturer Keri Systems Incorporated
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