New video on how to upgrade DL Windows 5.X.X to 5.5.3 Posted: 23 Aug 2019 04:55 AM PDT There is a new video on how to upgrade the DL Windows software from any version 5 to the newest 5.5.3 available on the Alarm Lock technical website. You must be registered to get access to watch the video. This video shows step by step process to install the required 2012 version of Microsoft SQL Express, that we provide with the downloaded software package. You can download the latest version of DL Windows by clicking here. Once the new version of Microsoft SQL Express is installed, John Ruperto from the Alarm Lock tech support team shows you how to convert the older 2008 Microsoft SQL Express database to the new one installed. This will allow you to restore the backup of the converted database to the newest version of DL Windows. Once this is done, your database will be updated.