New Networx firmware for ETPDLN, PDL6100 and PDL6500

Posted: 31 Aug 2019 07:55 AM PDT

There is new firmware available for the Networx ETPDLN (exit bar trim), PDL6100 and PDL6500 on the technical webpage. Clickhere to download the firmware. If you are not registered for access to the sight, register by clicking on Register and fill out all the information requested. For instant approval, only check "Alarm Lock" for the Brands of interest.

This firmware, along with DL Windows 5.5.3, will allow use of the "Holiday Passage Mode Suppression" schedules. This schedule will allow you to suppress, override, all passage modes within a given time frame with only 1 scheduled event. It also allow for the "Emergency Lockdown User" option which is in the right click menu for a user in the Global User screen. This will allow you to designate whether a user can Lockdown the system and Return to Normal from the keypad.

For more information on the Emergency Lockdown User feature, watch my recorded session webinar on Networx by clicking here. Once on the page, click in the upper right corner on "View Session Recordings" and choose the "Networx Connectivity" session.