Detex ECL-600 Fire Exit Hardware


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Detex ECL-600 Fire Exit Hardware

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Detex Fire Exit Hardware ECL-600

Deadbolt and deadlocking retract simultaneously when the paddle bar is pushed to exit. A high decibel piezo horn sounds to warn personnel that an unauthorized exit is occuring to deter theft and pilferage. Use of an authorized key in the inside cylinder retracts the bolt and shunts the alarm. The ECL 600 may be operated as an "exit only" function and it will re-latch each time the door is closed.

*This unit does not come with the inside cylinder that is pictured with the lock (you will notice 2 cylinders in the picture - the bottom one is to remove the cover & is included)*


  • Code-compliant, battery alarmed, rugged fire exit hardware with deadbolt and dead locking latchbolt provides managed security for secondary fire exits.
  • Reduces employee and customer theft.
  • Proven durability, reliability and long service life at a reasonable price.
  • "Best in class" attack resistance from the outside; withstands over 2200 lbs. static load (outside pull force).
  • Time tested construction resists attack from the inside
  • Operation is straightforward, requiring no special knowledge.
  • Easy to install
  • Exceeds life safety, ADA, CA Title 19, ANSI/BHMA requirements for building codes.
  • W.H. listed fire exit hardware.


  • Deadbolt and latchbolt deters unauthorized access from the outside while allowing emergency egress from the inside.
  • 1" throw bolt and 3/4" deadlocking latchbolt provide resistance to crowbar attacks from the outside.
  • Rugged housing with key lock, saw-resistant bolt and corrosion-resistant alloy lock body resist defeat from the inside.
  • When armed, pressing the exit bar sounds an approximate 100dB alarm, commanding attention even in the noisiest environments.
  • Inside and outside key control capabilities allow authorized alarm bypass.
  • Re-latching for additional security.
  • Use of control key permits unlocking the door without sounding the alarm.
  • Locking the deadbolt mechanism always arms the alarm system.
  • Resetting the alarm can only be accomplished with a control key that also throws the deadbolt.
  • Bright push pad signage deters unauthorized exit.
  • Non-handed lock and bars which require no cutting makes installation easy.
  • Accepts 5-pin through 7-pin standard and inter-changeable core cylinders.
  • 3 Hour fire rated for single doors to 4' x 8' and pairs of doors to 8' x 8'.

Physical Specifications:

  • Die-cast aluminum alloy housing with Detex Grey Vein 3 finish.
  • Lock case dimensions:
  • 10-3/8" high x 5-3/4" wide x 3-3/4" deep
  • Push plate and bar dimensions: 2-1/2" high x 24-1/8" wide
  • Installs on doors using the same footprint as Exit Lock ECL230D.
  • Installs on 32" to 48" wide doors.

Power Specifications:

  • Battery: 9 V Standard
  • Remote Signal: Dry Contact

Options and Accessories:

  • The Detex ECL 600 can be converted to AC operation with optional BE-961 battery eliminator.
  • Bar Guard Kit to cover open end of bar where required by code (ECL-2100K)
  • Push Plate captions are also available in Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and French Canadian.
  • 3 Hour fire rated for single doors to 4' x 8' and pairs of doors to 8' x 8' with optional center mullion
  • Key Removeable Mullion for pairs of doors. Each leaf will operate independently. (F90KR)
  • Rim cylinder, 5-pin, with 2 keys. (ECL-445K)
  • Cylinder Spacer is required for 6 or 7-pin cylinder on inside key control (ECL-1595)

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