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Alarm Lock Trilogy NET-DKPAK - NETWORX WIRELESS KEYPADS AND NETPANEL - Digital wireless wall mounted keypad kit


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Door Lock Keypad Kit, Digital, Wireless, Networx, Stain Chrome Plated, Includes Wall Mounted Reader, Control Panel, Remote Release, Battery Backup, Transformer, For Door Lock

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The Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx NETDKPAK is a combination of the Alarm Lock NETDK wireless keypad and Alarm Lock NETPANEL Control Panel, which supports up to 2 Alarm Lock NETDK/NETPDK keypads. In this system, the NETPANEL communicates wirelessly with a networked PC through a bi-directional Alarm Lock Gateway and enables tasks such as programming of user access information and retrieving audit logs to be performed remotely from the networked PC. This saves considerable time and money, which would otherwise have been required for door to door programming and physical retrieval of audit logs.

Each Alarm Lock Gateway can communicate with up to 63 NETPANEL's and in one account, a global network comprising up to 2000 NETPANEL's, can be setup using 50 Alarm Lock Gateways.

Other tasks that can be performed remotely include deploying in seconds a global lockdown of all doors in the network and enabling/disabling a system-wide passage mode. Information about door position, request-to-exit, and remote release options can also be monitored from the networked PC.

Each Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx NETDK Wireless Keypad in the NETDKPAK setup can hold 5000 user codes and 35000 audit logs.

Increase security of your commercial setting with the Alarm Lock NETDKPAK. Install the NETDKPAK in places such as educational campuses, office campuses, hospital buildings, retail outlets, etc.


  • New Wireless Keypad solution - networked versions of popular Trilogy DK3000 Keypads
  • Ideal for use with strikes, mags, electrified exit devices
  • 5000 users with 3-6 digit PIN Codes
  • Save manpower - Bidirectional 802.11/ethernet network communications updates, users, time schedules and audit trail queries — without ever going to the keypads
  • Versatile for indoors and outside; ideal for education, healthcare, government, airports, courts, municipalities, & retail
  • Familiar Trilogy operation, programming, software, and ruggedness
  • NetPanel Controller supports 2 Networx keypads and/or 2 Wiegand output readers /devices
  • Key features: Global lockdown and passage from keypad or PC, schedules, 35K event log, door position status indicator, request-to-exit, door ajar/ kick-in, remote release options.


  • Networx NetPanel supports up to 2 Networx wireless keypads and/or Wiegand-output readers and communicates wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G for a comprehensive wireless networked door access control system, eliminating door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval and providing all standalone Trilogy lock functionality
  • plus new network-wide global emergency lockdown/unlock commands
  • Networx Keypads support up to 5000 users with 3-6 digit numeric PIN codes
  • System-wide free-passage enable or disable, can be activated from the keypad or the Networx PC
  • On-demand, in seconds, wirelessly change keypad users, schedules, features or retrieve 35,000 events from any networked PC.
  • Ideal for use with maglocks, strikes and electrified exit /panic devices (EL-devices/electrified latch retraction devices.)
  • Free Alarm Lock DL-WINDOWS software doesn’t require a dedicated computer or a special computer network or costly server software licenses, it simply runs as a secure Microsoft Windows-based application, on any computer system (as basic as a desktop or laptop PC), a wired or wireless router, and a gateway module or on an internal LAN with static IP address (recommended). MS XP and Vista supported (v4.01 or higher).
  • Wall- or ceiling-mountable, compact Alarm Lock Networx Gateway Modules and are available in wireless/hardwired and wired-only versions (withPower Over Ethernet (POE) option). The hybrid model connects using either 802.11 or standard Ethernet cable; the wired versions use an RJ-45 Ethernet cable. Networx communications support both wired Ethernet 10BaseT and wireless 802.11. Networx Gateways’ wireless coverage performance equals or surpasses that of 802.11, with each Gateway spanning up to 900’ clear field range or 50,000 square feet of indoor coverage, typical.
  • Up to 50 wall- or ceiling-mountable, compact gateway modules can be used per account and are available in wireless/hardwired and wired-only versions, (with Power Over Ethernet (POE) option). The hybrid model connects using either 802.11 or standard Ethernet cable; the wired versions use an RJ-45 Ethernet cable. Networx communications support both wired Ethernet 10BaseT and wireless 802.11.
  • Up to 2000 NetPanels can be used per account to further expand system capabilities.

NETPANEL dedicated control panel Includes

  • Circuit board with onboard flash memory;12V power supply, with transformer and rechargeable backup battery
  • Inputs supporting two of any combination of NETDK or NETPDK keypads, PLUS up to two Wiegand devices
  • Special “Two Door Mode” allows two keypads and/or two Wiegand devices to separately control two doors
  • Two Form-C relays
  • Inputs for door position contact to indicate the status of the door, open or closed;
  • Inputs for a remote release button or sensor
  • Onboard bi-directional Networx radio
  • Wiegand interface, red LED, green LED, and sounder.


Networx Keypads NETDK

  • Power Requirements: 12VDC supplied by NETPANEL
  • Idle Current: 10mA
  • Maximum Wire Length: 200 feet (61m)
  • Recommended Wire Size: 24 AWG minimum
  • Networx Panel NETPANEL 
  • Housing Dimensions (H x W x D): 10.5 x 8.5 x 3 in. (26.6 x 21.6 x 7.6 cm)
  • Operating Temperature: 14-120°F (–10-49°C)
  • Input Power: 16.5VAC via Class 2 Plug-In 50VATransformer (supplied model TRF-14)
  • Maximum Lock Power Output Current: 1.5A @12VDC
  • Maximum Wiegand Power Output Current: 250mA @ 12VDC
  • Maximum Sounder Current: 100mA
  • Maximum Keypad Power Output Current: 200mA@ 12VDC
  • Primary and Secondary Relays: SPDT Form C, N/O, N/C 8A @ 30VAC or VDC
  • Supplied Backup Battery: Sealed Lead Acid 4AH
  • Battery Backup Time: Approximately 2 hours at full load

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Manufacturer Alarm Lock NETWORX
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