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CODELOCK 400 Series Model CL415 Tubular latchbolt with Passage feature


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CODELOCK 400 Series Model CL415 Tubular latchbolt with Passage feature

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The CL415 is a medium duty tubular mortise latch with Code Free entry option.

The outside lever handle will retract the latch after a correct code is entered.
The spring loaded latchbolt will lock automatically when the door is closed.

  • Internal doors and External doors
  • Mechanical Codelock
  • Medium duty tubular mortise latch
  • Code Free access option
  • Lever handle lock for doors hung on the left or right
  • Use in offices / schools / warehouses / hospitals / care homes / nurseries / hotels / leisure facilities / the home

Available in 2 PVD Finishes
Stainless Steel, Polished Brass

Code Free access option on the keypad. 
In Code Free mode the outside lever will retract the latchbolt without using a code. This option is ideal for day to day use when punching in a code is not necessary e.g. external doors in a school with high traffic.

The CL415 locks are supplied with a random code commencing with the ‘C’ clear button. To change the code after fitting, the lock must first be removed from the door. The code is non sequential, that is the code can be entered in any order e.g. 1234 can be 4321 or 1342 or whatever is the most convenient sequence. With the 12 buttons a total of 4,095 different codes are available, any of which may be entered in any order. 

The CL415 code chamber consist of 12 buttons from which the code is selected, and a ‘C’ button which is used to re-set the chamber after an incorrect entry, and which must always be used as the first digit of a code. Buttons may only be used once in a code. For example, 1212 is not possible.

A CL415 code, or combination, can be entered in any order or sequence; e.g. 1234 can be 4321 or 1342 or whatever sequence is most convenient to remember. With 12 buttons, a total of 4,095 different codes are available, any of which can be entered in any sequence.

The lock is factory set with a randomly selected 5 digit code starting with the C button. The code is not recorded by the factory. The code can be changed as often as required to any other 5 digit code. Every new code must start with the C button. Using the spare tumblers, one red and one blue, the code length can be changed to 4 or 6 digits. Shorter codes are possible, but 1 or 2 digit codes are not recommended.

Code Change Instructions

Note: On model CL415 – a) Press the ‘Y’ button and the ‘’C button to ensure that the lock is not in passage set mode, b) when changing the code do not reposition ‘Y’ or ‘C’ tumbler.

1. Take your CL415 lock off the door by unscrewing the 2 bolts in the backplate.

2. Press the C button to reset the chamber and place the lock case on a flat surface with the buttons down.

3. Remove the 2 red screws and carefully lift off the code chamber plate. Check the all 14 springs are held in place on the plate.

4. Note that the red tipped code tumblers correspond in position to the existing code. The blue tipped non-code tumblers fill the other positions. The C tumbler is not coloured.

5. Hold the lock in your hand and depress the C button. Keeping the C button depressed use tweezers to re-position the tumblers to correspond with your new code. The square notches of ALL tumblers MUST face outwards, with the coloured tips ON TOP: see diagram below. Do not force the tumblers in.

N.B. Holding the C button depressed whilst removing or replacing the tumblers is essential to avoid damaging the internal mechanism. Do not attempt to reposition the C tumbler.


6. Replace the code chamber plate carefully with the 2 red screws.

7. Check the operation of the new code, and make a written note of it before re-installing the lock.

8. Note: Fit either the Blue or Red tipped spindle to the code side, dependant on hand of door.

9. Fit the butterfly spindle to the inside lever handle.


No maintenance of the working parts is necessary. Do not oil. To maintain the finish the lock should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth. A silicone spray or similar should be used to provide a protective film against grit and grime.  


Body material Zinc alloy
Door material Suitable for wooden doors
Door thickness 1 3/8"- 2 1/2" (inches)
Latches - Option 1 60mm (2 3/8") backset latch requiring 25 x 82mm (1" x 3 1/4") hole (supplied by default)
Latches - Option 2 70mm (2 3/4") backset latch requiring 25 x 92 mm (1"x 3 5/16") hole
Non handed Lock will fit doors hung on the left or right
Spindle type 2 part 8mm (5/16") spring loaded spindle


Additional Information

Model CL415
Manufacturer Codelocks