Rutherford Controls RCI 9325e Outdoor Illuminated Stand‑Alone Keypad


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Rutherford Controls RCI 9325e Outdoor Illuminated Stand‑Alone Keypad


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Downloads 1. Rutherford 9325i/9325e Specification Sheet (pdf)
2. Rutherford 9325i/9325e Installation Instructions (pdf)
3. Rutherford 9325 FAQ (pdf)
Manufacturer Rutherford Controls
Model 9325e
Dimensions 2-5/8"W x 4-3/8"H x 1-1/8"D (68mm x 111mm x 28mm)
Finish Black
Memory Non-volatile EEPROM memory means your codes and instructions will be there whether you remove power for five minutes or five years.
Main Relay Rated at 5 amps, this Form A relay is tough enough to handle virtually any low-voltage equipment or electronic locking device.
Remote Triggering Input Each keypad provides a normally open input loop for remote triggering. Simple programming allows for a momentary closure upon this loop to trigger the output. This feature is especially useful as an exit request and can be disabled in software.
Programming All programming is accomplished entirely from the front of the keypad. LED and/or sounder guidance makes programming a snap and changing codes a matter of seconds for an authorized user.
Expanded Memory Comes with enough memory to support up to 120 users.
Exit Toggle Activating this feature will cause the exit button to delay the doors’ locked state until the code has been re-entered. By default the exit button will unlock the door for the programmed door unlock time.
Output Mode 9325e Keypad can be jumper configured as SPST relay output or 12VDC powered output rated at 1A max.
Number of Users Up to 120
Voltage Input 12VDC
Relay Rating 5A @ 30VDC
Warranty Two Year Limited Warranty
Weight 1.0000


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Manufacturer Rutherford Controls
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