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Kaba Simplex Solitaire 850L - LEARNLOK


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Kaba Simplex Solitaire 850L - LEARNLOK

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Lock Overview

  • Description:
    • The Solitaire 850L LearnLok is an easy to install, easy to use magnetic stripe card operated access control system that requires no computer or card encoder. Simply swipe the special learn function card to program the lock followed by swiping the user’s access card, and the lock learns to recognize that user. Use a LearnLok user card, or the user’s personal credit card or any other credit card encoding standard existing ID card. With no database to maintain, managing the LearnLok system is as easy as keeping a folder of business cards. Each lock and exit device operator in the system has a capacity of 200 users and a 1000 event audit trail. The card reader with its controller has a capacity of 700 users and a 500 event audit trail. The number of doors in a system is unlimited.
  • Applications:
    • The Solitaire 850L can be used alone or to complement an existing access control system that uses magnetic stripe cards. The card reader and controller can control garage and elevator doors using electric strikes, or magnetic stripe card locks. The exit device model permits controlled access from the outside through exit doors with panic device hardware.
  • Features:
    • Sophisticated access control with three security levels for user access
    • The audit trail (requires software) is a strong deterrent to crime
    • 1" solid deadbolt and vandalism resistant construction
    • Emergency access by emergency keycard or mechanical key override
    • Works with existing magnetic stripe cards (encoded by any American Banker’s Association (ABA) Track 2 encoder as ABA standard data)
    • Can be integrated into an existing master key system using major brands of interchangeable cores (IC), removable cores (RC) or conventional key-in-lever (KIL) cylinders
    • Left or Right factory handed
    • Key Override
      • Mechanical key override: Concealed; IC, RC or KIL cylinder
      • Conventional key override: Kaba (1539)
      • Key override with IC and RC: Ilco, Best and Medeco
    • High/low coercivity ABA Track 2 cards, including credit cards. The lock's audit feature reads and saves only the last nine digits in lock's memory to prevent fraud
    • Special function cards for Emergency, Passage, Lockout, etc.
    • 200 Users/Lock, 200 Users/Exit Device, 700 Users/Card Reader
    • Audit memory: Last 1,000 transactions, Card Reader last 500 transactions
  • Finishes:

    Satin Chrome Finish
    Satin Chrome
    Satin Chrome Finish
    Satin Brass
    Satin Chrome Finish
    Bright Brass
    Black finish
    Bright Chrome
  • Certification and Standards:
    • ADA compliant lever handles
    • Meets UL 10B and ULC S-104 on fire door rated up to and including 3 hours
    • FCC part 15 class A and CE directive 89 / 336 / EEC compliant
    • ANSI Grade 1 A156.13 certified (ASM 1 ¼" (32 mm) Mortise lock
    • Environmental:
      • -31° F (-35° C) to + 151° F (66° C); withstands rain, dust and salt
  • SI8515021B: Cylindrical Storeroom Lock, No Deadbolt, No Thumbturn 1/2" (13 mm) Throw Latch, Floating Face Plate; Best & Equivalents (6 or 7-pin Length) BEST/ARROW interchangeable core key
  • SI8501021B: Mortise ASM 11/4" (32 mm) Face Plate; Deadbolt Lock, Deadbolt Operated by Thumbturn; Best & Equivalents (6 or 7-pin Length) BEST/ARROW Interchangeable core key (less core)
  • Starter Pack SISP850L:  everything you need is organized in a single folder.  Your starter Pack includes a Quick Reference Guide, a User Log, Function Cards, 10 User cards, and  10 User Cancel cards.
  • SIUP850L-2: User Pack (Includes 25 User/25 Cancel Cards)

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Model 850L
SKU 850L - 8515021B
Manufacturer KABA Eplex Electronic
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