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Bell + Howell Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller w/Extra Outlet

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Quick Overview

Get rid of mice, ants, spiders and other pests without messy traps or poisons. Ultrasonic power using wiring within the walls to emit a signal that drives away insects and rodents. Plug in unit protects one floor level. Extra side outlet, for no loss of plug space.


Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Ultrasonic sound waves help to eliminate...

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Ants

Plug It In ... Drive Pests Out!

  • Perfect for Use In: Homes & Offices
  • Safe & Effective. Easy To Use.
  • Just Plug It In! ... Drive Pests Out!
  • Extra Outlet Auxiliary outlet built into the unit for added convenience.
  • Speaker Broadcasts various ultrasonic sound waves
  • Extra AC Outlet Plug in the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller and not block an outlet.
  • LED Indicator Lets you know when the unit is working
  • Uses constantly changing ultrasonic signals which most rodents have a difficult time adapting to.
  • No more using dangerous traps or chemicals which is safer for your family and pets.

NOTE: Ultrasonic signals will lose intensity as it travels. It is also absorbed by soft objects such as carpeting and is reflected by hard surfaces, such as furniture. Ultrasonic signals cannot reach nesting or feeding places behind walls, under floors, or within cracks. Multiple units may be necessary for larger rooms. In some cases, over time, certain rodents may become accustom to ultrasonic signals. Some may return to their feeding or nesting areas even in the presence of an ultrasonic product. Warnings:

  • This unit is safe for no-rodent pets such as dogs and cats. Do not use this product around any rodent pets such as hamsters, gerbils, mice and tarantulas.
  • Indoor use only.

EPA No.: 081956-CHN-001

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Manufacturer Bell Howell
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