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ACTAtek CORP-FP Biometric Fingerprint-Only Control Reader System for up to 3,000 Users

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ACTAtek CORP-FP Biometric Fingerprint-Only Control Reader System for up to 3,000 Users

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ACTAtek CORP-FP Biometric Fingerprint-Only Control Reader System for up to 3,000 Users
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ACTAtek Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Systems

  • Available now in Fingerprint with SmartCard versions (please call us for more info):
  • ACTAtek PRO-FS (1,000 users)
  • ACTAtek CORP-FS (3,000 users)
  • ACTAtek EXEC-FS (5,000 users)
  • Click here to view the ACTAtek accessory items that can be purchased with the ACTAtek
  • Affordable, easy to use and convenient
  • SSL-encrypted Web and Database server
  • ODBC Database Interface Support
  • Simple to install and set up
  • Modular design for easy integration and maintenance
  • Remote monitoring/control via TCP/IP communication protocol
  • Fingerprint and/or PIN Code access
  • Built in software and hardware is cost effective
  • Allows for "Real Time" user and/or system configuration
  • Control, Configure and Administer via LAN or Internet
  • Optional communication via RS-232/RJ45/USB/RS485
  • Up to 1,000 Users with ACTAtek PRO-FP model
  • Up to 3,000 Users with ACTAtek CORP-FP model
  • Up to 5,000 Users with ACTAtek EXEC-FP model
  • LCD Module
  • Up to 10,000 Records can be stored in ACTAtek units (no limit when using the ACTAtek Server Software)
  • If used outdoors, sensor must be protected from direct sunlight & unit should be protected from direct exposure to precipitation

Fingerprint Capture Type Optical
Verification Type

1 to 1 (User ID and Fingerprint)

1 to N (Fingerprint only)

Image Resolution 500 DPI
Number of Users

Up to 1,000 (ACTAtek PRO-FP)

Up to 3,000 (ACTAtek CORP-FP)

Up to 5,000 (ACTAtek EXEC-FP)

Maximum Records Stored in Unit 10,000
False Accept Rate (FAR) .0001%
False Reject Rate (FRR) 1%
Allowable Fingerprint Rotation +/- 15 degrees
Operating Temperature -13 F to 149 F
Number of minutiae taken 30 to 60
Matching Speed 0.05 second
Scanning Speed 1.50 seconds
IP Address Assignment Static/Dynamic
Non-volatile Memory 32 MB
Computers Supported Apple Macintosh, Windows 95/98/NT/XP and Unix
Database Encryption Support ODBC
Encryption SSL
Programming API SOAP
Expansion Serial/RS-232/RS-485
Network Interface

10/100BT Ethernet (Built in)

Optional Modem/GSM/GPRS

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8.47" x 4.33" x 2.84"

We are excited to offer you the world's ONLY SSL-Protected biometric Access Control and Time/Attendance System.

The software and hardware are built into the system, so the ACTAtek biometric Access Control System can be used without needing expensive and complicated architecture. TCP/IP networking allows the ACTAtek unit/s to operate in a multiple device environment that the administrator can easily and conveniently control 24/7, via encrypted internet or LAN connection. The SSL-protected web server alleviates the need for high cost dedicated PCs and/or specialized IT personnel.

The ACTAtek biometric Access Control System is modular in design, meaning that it can have multiple optional features, such as an embedded camera, external relay, external PC enrollment fingerprint scanner, and/or external camera added to it. All of these features further enhance your security and ability to verify who is using the ACTAtek and when.

We offer three ACTAtek fingerprint-only models to choose from:
ACTAtek PRO-FP  for up to 1,000 Users (CHOOSE OPTION 1)
ACTAtek CORP-FP for up to 3,000 Users (CHOOSE OPTION 2)
ACTAtek EXEC-FP for up to 5,000 Users (CHOOSE OPTION 3)

We offer three ACTAtek SmartCard-only models to choose from: Biometric Access Control System ACTAtek
ACTAtek PRO-SC  for up to 1,000 Users (CHOOSE OPTION 4)
ACTAtek CORP-SC for up to 3,000 Users (CHOOSE OPTION 5)
ACTAtek EXEC-SC for up to 5,000 Users (CHOOSE OPTION 6)

We offer three ACTAtek SmartCard and Fingerprint models to choose from:
ACTAtek PRO-FS  for up to 1,000 Users (CHOOSE OPTION 7)
ACTAtek CORP-FS for up to 3,000 Users (CHOOSE OPTION 8)
ACTAtek EXEC-FS for up to 5,000 Users (CHOOSE OPTION 9)

All units allow Fingerprint and/or Pin Code access only.

We also carry a full line of ACTAtek Accessories

External RelayExternal Relay
External Relay places a relay in the secured area of the facility. ACTAtek sends an encrypted signal to the relay telling it to open the door. This device prevents an intruder from manually bypassing the system.
Includes: Instructions and Mounting Hardware

CMOS Camera CMOS Camera
Module is factory installed in the ACTAtek. Camera takes a snapshot anytime someone attempts to enter the area/facility. The image is then stored with the event record inside the ACTAtek and viewed via a web browser.



Allows users' fingerprints to be registered at a computer workstation by USB. Includes ACTAtek Server software package (NC) which allows for remote registration plus other useful functionality. Ideal for many users and/or multiple access points.


BioAxxis Digital QCBioAxxis® Digital QC

Patented power filtration system not only protects against catastrophic power surges, but also filters and cleans line noise between neutral and ground. Extends connected product's warranty for lifetime against damage caused by electrical strikes.

Custom Weather CoverCustom Weather Cover
Weather cover shields and protects the ACTAtek from weathering (rain, snow, wind, etc.) and retains enough heat to operate in frigid weather conditions. Must be installed for any outdoor installation.

Manufacturer No
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